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PLR is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality geological consulting services. 

Juniors, Major operators, and Financials Experts seeking reliable and realistic advises are amongst our clients.


Specializing in Mineral Resource Estimates, our highly skilled professional experts offer a wide variety of services bringing significant benefits to any project, from grass root exploration programs to feasibility studies and mining operation optimization.

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Consulting is about providing high-quality services in a Reliable, Realistic and Trusted manner.

Consultants should be committed to clients, not the other way around!

PLR Resources has a team of highly skilled professional experts who bring significant benefits to any project.

PLR Resources aims to provide the mining industry and investors with honest, unbiased and realistic deliverables, allowing our clients to make the right decisions with the right information.


Our mission is conveyed through our slogan: “Part of Your Team”. We envision ourselves as an integral part of your team, dedicated to your project as if it was our own.

Our mission is to share our experience and knowledge with clients, providing objective, independent advice with common sense as part of the equation.

With a focus on innovation and efficiency, PLR Resources aims to help clients advance their mining projects by offering a complete and integrated range of high-quality geological services at every stage, from grassroots exploration to mining operations to site rehabilitation.


PLR Resources is proud to be recognized as:
-    Reliable and trustworthy
-    Creating added value for clients
-    A partner of choice 
-    Being part of your team


Our core values represent our highest priorities, deeply held beliefs and fundamental driving forces behind every important decision.


At PLR Resources, we are committed to:

1 - Quality

       - The appropriate kind of knowledge
       - Set high standards
       - Work within professional boundaries
       - Seize opportunities to improve

2 - Integrity

       - Do what is right
       - Choose words that are not misleading
       - Stand up for what we believe in
       - Stick to our standards even in tough times

3 - Collaboration

       - Be a team player
       - Welcome out-of-the-box ideas
       - Always be open to different ways of viewing things
       - Have fun doing it


4 - Responsibility

       - Embrace opportunities to contribute
       - Make careful, well-informed decisions
       - Use our skills to understand and improve
       - Be aware that our actions have consequences

5 - Reliability

       - Demonstrate our dependability
       - Persevere and pursue the team’s collective objectives

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